Cap Fees & Membership

Show your support and become an official Cape Hunt Member

  1. Membership Categories for Riders and non-riding Supporters
  2. Rider Members receive discounts on Cap Fees every week
  3. Only Members receive Lapel Pins for number of Hunts attended… bragging rights!
  4. Discounted Entry Fees on our Fun Rides throughout the year
  5. All proceeds go to the upkeep of the Hounds

Membership  Categories & Costs

(valid March to February)

  • Adult Member Riders = R500, with additional family member at R250 per rider extra
  • Junior non-voting Members = R250 (under 18yrs)
  • Supporter Members (non-riding) = R250
  • Country members more than 150km away = R250

Annual Levies

  • R2,500 for the whole 2019 season
  • Allows you to Hunt the whole season without paying Cape Fees again. BIG SAVINGS!
  • Payable before the Opening Hunt of the season
  • NB: In order to qualify for Annual Levies, a rider must have Hunt Membership

Cap Fees for Riders: 

  • Adult Non-Member = R350
  • Adult Cape Hunt Member = R250
  • Under 18 yrs Non-member = R200
  • Under 18 yrs Cape Hunt Member = R150

NOTE: Cap Fees are payable in cash – when signing the register at each Hunt

Print/Download Membership Form here:

Hunt Lapel Pins for members
Lapel Pins for Members