Common Hunting Terms


Drag: A laid scent line
Line: Hunting route between checks
Check: Rest period between lines
Cry: The calls made by the Hounds during hunting
Unentered: A Hound in its first year of hunting
The Field: The mounted followers
Hound: The correct name for a hunting dog
Hunting Heel: Hounds following the scent the wrong way
Feathering: Hounds looking for the scent
Hold Hard: Stop
Music: The sound of the hounds on the scent
Ware Hound: Literally “Beware of the hound”
Whipper-In: Person(s) who assist and ride with the Huntsman
Huntsman: Person who hunts the Hounds
Field Master: Person who leads and controls the Field
Master: Senior officer of the Hunt
Hunt Servant: Person(s) assisting with the Hunt
Bye Day: Pre-season hunt when young hounds are entered and it is essential that riders are particularly careful around the hounds
Mothers leading their children on horses
Riders young and old can enjoy this equestrian tradition.