Common Hunting Terms


Drag: A laid scent line
Line: Hunting route between checks
Check: Rest period between lines
Cry: The calls made by the Hounds during hunting
Unentered: A Hound in its first year of hunting
The Field: The mounted followers
Hound: The correct name for a hunting dog
Hunting Heel: Hounds following the scent the wrong way
Feathering: Hounds looking for the scent
Hold Hard: Stop
Music: The sound of the hounds on the scent
Ware Hound: Literally “Beware of the hound”
Whipper-In: Person(s) who assist and ride with the Huntsman
Huntsman: Person who hunts the Hounds
Field Master: Person who leads and controls the Field
Master: Senior officer of the Hunt
Hunt Servant: Person(s) assisting with the Hunt
Bye Day: Pre-season hunt when young hounds are entered and it is essential that riders are particularly careful around the hounds

 Riders & hounds at the start of the drag hunt