Dress Code

There are several good reasons for the Hunting dress code:

  • To honour the hunt and its many years of tradition.
  • As a sign of respect to the landowner or host who allows us to hunt on their property – a privilege which should not be taken lightly.
  • For your safety. The Cape Hunt Club insists everyone, when mounted, wears a good hard hat to protect their head and boots with a good heel to stop their feet from going through their stirrups.
  • Anyone without these will not be permitted to hunt.


  • A dark coloured jacket with a white stock and a plain stock-pin, with your riding boots
  • A tweed jacket (rat-catcher) with a collar and tie or stock and a plain stock-pin, with your riding boots
  • A velvet hard riding hat or a skull cap with a silk/velvet cover; either black or suitable dark colour to match jacket and have a secure chin strap
  • White, cream or beige breeches for adults
  • White, cream or beige jodhpurs for children, worn with jodhpur boots
  • A hair net for ladies and girls if your hair touches your collar.
  • Men to tie back long hair


  • Body protectors; preferably worn under the jacket, or a dark coloured one may be worn over the jacket for children
  • White gloves
  • Hunting whip


  • We want to encourage first time Hunters to join us!
  • If you do not have a show jacket – any smart “suit” jacket will be fine
  • White or Cream jodhpurs


  • Clean, well-groomed horse
  • Clean, neat, well maintained black or brown tack – no coloured bridles, brow bands, reins, brushing or overreach boots
  • Plaited mane (traditionally 9 or 11 plaits) is correct
  • A very short, well-pulled mane, which lies flat on the neck is acceptable for field (non-buttoned) riders
  • Saddle-cut numnah (not square); preferably white, or else dark coloured
  • Suitable bit to control your horse during the hunt
  • Red ribbon on your horses tails if it may try to kick – and keep to back of field
  • Green ribbon on your horses tail if it is your first hunt
  •  Yellow ribbon on your horse if it’s a stallion

Optional for your Horse:

  • Plaited Tail

ONLY Hunt Officials / Life Members may wear the following:

  • ‘Buttons’ – black jackets with a red collar and Cape Hunt brass buttons
  • ‘Colours’ – red jackets with Cape Hunt brass buttons, and mahogany topped black boots
  • Hunt Masters – red jacket with a black collar and Cape Hunt brass buttons and mahogany topped black boots
  • White gloves are essential
  • Hunt Servants – A white covered riding hat denotes a hunt servant i.e. either the ‘Huntsman’, a ‘Whipper-In’ or a ‘Field Master’
Tail ribbons for Equestrian Sports
Horses must wear appropriate tail ribbon at Hunts